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Window functions example – SQL & Python

When I play with Kaggle datasets, my default programing language is Python. Once I was exploring Kaggle dataset and I wanted to determine the transaction number for each credit card in Python, my first thought was It’s pretty easy in… Continue Reading →

Poland is overheated?

One of the challenges in FreeeCodeCamp visualization course was creating a heatmap about global temperature over the last 200 years. There was a visible pattern showing that the recent 50 years are hotter than the average temperature from the two recent… Continue Reading →

First Steps with AWS – Notes

The pieces of information below are a part of my high-level notes during my first steps with AWS. Although they are not rocket science, I publish them, as they might be helpful for others. Notes Recently I’ve been exploring AWS… Continue Reading →

Photovoltaics in the UK

Global warming is an important issue for me. When I saw OpenClimateFix initiative, I wanted to contribute somehow.  I decided to create an interactive map of photovoltaics in the UK. About OpenClimateFix is the initiative which uses volunteers and science to stop… Continue Reading →

Plotly.js vs C3.js

I’m a regular user for over a year and I love it, but, this setup allows to publish at online at most 25 charts. I’ve been looking for a free alternative to create customized, interactive charts, which can be… Continue Reading →

Scrapping phone numbers from online classified ads

A few months ago I discussed with a friend of mine the potential of personal data from online classified ads (like OLX, Gumtree). The conclusion was simple – it’s illegal to scrape them and use for business purposes (at least… Continue Reading →

Save both money and plastic waste? Case Study.

We all know we should do it. The Environment. Since childhood we are taught to take care of the Environment. Humanity produces about 50 tons of household trash every second. From zero-waste Utopia prevent us two factors- money and time… Continue Reading →

Advanced Plotly – Sliders and dropdown menus

Visualisation tools overview An important aspect of creating a visualization is the time consumed to make a plot and time efficiency of switching between plots. We can improve both by using interactive tools, such as sliders, drop down menus, buttons,… Continue Reading →

IT skills wanted

Have you ever wondered which technologies and skills are the most wanted among IT employees? I do, so I’ve easily visualized it. On the picture above you can see which skills and technologies are the most frequent in over 3800 IT job offers in Poland from the period Jan‑Feb 2018. The bigger font, the higher frequency of given word. I’ve analyzed… Continue Reading →

Xgboost- tune it automatically

Tedious tuning XGBoost have plenty of adjustable parameters, which makes it powerfull. Problem arises if we fine-tune those parameters. Full gridsearch will take ages (ex. if we test 3 values for 10 parameters, it will give 310 = 59049 combinations). I’ve… Continue Reading →

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